Report on the Emergency in Jerusalem and Gaza

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What began as peaceful protests by Palestinians in Jerusalem angered by their treatment under occupation, has over the past five days boiled over into the largest conflagration of violence since the 2014 Gaza war, or even the 2000-2005 Second Intifada.

As of May 12, 11 pm Jerusalem/Gaza time, Israeli security forces and bombs have killed at least 65 Palestinians, including 16 children. Rockets fired from Gaza by Hamas and Islamic Jihad have killed five Israelis, including two Palestinian Israelis. Rocket fire from Gaza into Israel, and Israeli missiles and bombs into Gaza are continuing for the third straight day.

Israel has cut off access to and from East Jerusalem. Marauding mobs of Israeli settler groups are lighting Palestinians’ cars on fire. As we talk with our Palestine country director in Jerusalem, we hear concussion bombs going off on the streets of Sheikh Jarrah, not far from the Anera office. Descriptions of ‘skirmishes’ and ‘scuffles’ do not begin to convey the level of targeted violence on the streets.

Anera staff and their families in Gaza are all safe for the moment, but do not feel safe. A pharmacist on our Gaza staff says this warfare already feels worse than the 2014 Israel-Gaza war. He says the Israeli bombs seem bigger and the targets broader this time. And, because of COVID-19, the hospitals and ICUs are already low on beds, medicines and supplies. Read our full situation report.

First page of Anera's May 12, 2021 report on the emergency situation in Palestine
Read our full report and learn about what steps Anera is talking to respond.


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