Statement From Anera Following President Biden’s Remarks on the Proposed Hostage and Ceasefire Deal for Gaza

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As an organization committed to humanitarian relief, long-term development, and peaceful coexistence in the Middle East, Anera welcomes the proposed ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas announced by President Biden yesterday.

Initial indications are that the plan includes the key elements required to end this horrible stage of the conflict: freeing of Israeli and Palestinian hostages and detainees, an end to the war through a temporary cease-fire with negotiations leading to an enduring ceasefire and peace, and a significant increase in humanitarian aid. The President’s remarks, and prior discussion among Anera, other NGO representatives, and Administration officials, give us some hope that the significant work over the past few weeks undertaken by governments, non-governmental organizations and others in the international humanitarian community will soon bear fruit.

The agreement must result in the levels of aid needed to reverse the effects of the war in Gaza and pave the way for human development and livability; and ultimately act as a far-better guarantee of safety and security than any military action can. The proposed significant increase in aid addresses immediate humanitarian needs and lays some groundwork for long-term stability and prosperity in the region.

Anera stands ready to work alongside governments, UN agencies, financing institutions and all of our existing donors and partners to ensure that aid and the tools of recovery reach those who need them most. We will continue our emergency response work over the coming weeks and months. As an American humanitarian aid organization, we urge the US government to take all steps necessary to ensure that the framework announced by the President is implemented. And we look forward to beginning the process of rebuilding lives and livability in Gaza and contributing to the work necessary to bring about the human and community safety, security, dignity, freedom, justice and prosperity needed by all.



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