Thank You, Anera Community, for Your Support for Gaza

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The miraculous work Anera’s team in Gaza is carrying out every day is fueled by the tremendous outpouring of solidarity and backing by our community. You came out for Gaza in big numbers with financial support and a commitment to helping hope find a way.

Our loyal community of supporters and your trust in our ability to make an impact meant that Anera had funds ready to immediately mobilize in Gaza after the war started on October 7th. And, that trust and support has multiplied. Since October 7th, Anera has welcomed over 33,000 first-time donors.

Advocates for Gaza and the work we do there have spread the word on social media. Our Instagram following, a vital source of information in this war, has tripled.

World Central Kitchen is funding much of our food delivery work right now in Gaza.

Amazing institutional funders have backed and bolstered our work in Gaza. World Central Kitchen is funding much of our food delivery work. Our long-time donors Islamic Relief USA and Muslim Aid USA have funded critically needed medicines, food parcels, and hygiene kits. Funding from Anera’s existing partners Americares, Humanity First UK, and Direct Relief will be used alongside funds from first-time grantors AstraZeneca, the Malala Fund, Global Empowerment Mission, and the Brother’s Brother Foundation to provide health-related support in the form of fresh water, hygiene kits, menstrual hygiene management, medications, and medical supplies.

Your encouragement, in its many forms, keeps us going. For this, we say THANK YOU. Thank you for your trust and thank you for your solidarity with the people of Gaza.



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