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I’m a member of Nevadans for Palestinian Human Rights. We’re currently running a fundraising campaign to support Anera’s efforts to respond to the COVID-19 crisis in Palestine and Lebanon.

We’re fairly new. We started last fall with a core group of like-minded people, focusing on creating awareness and hosting educational events like film screenings and speaking events. Over the winter we helped get the first official student group focused on Palestinian issues registered at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

From there we decided we wanted to do a direct fundraising campaign for Palestine. Initially we were thinking of water projects. We wanted to help fund a water desalination facility so we Googled it and found the Anera website. We liked what we saw and reached out through the website.

Then COVID-19 happened and our focus shifted. We talked about it and decided we needed to do something to respond to the pandemic.

We’ve never really done a fundraising campaign before but I’m pretty pleased with the response we’ve seen. To start, we put the fundraiser on our Facebook page and our mailing list. And from there people shared it with their friends.

When things normalize we would like to continue working with Anera in creating a fundraising campaign with the goal of funding a water desalination plant.

Start your own fundraising campaign at anera.org/fundraise



Anera distributes essential medications for chronic diseases to more than fifty medical centers across Lebanon as part of our CARMAH program.

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