Winter Resilience: Navigating Challenges in Lebanon

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In Lebanon, we usher in the beginning of winter with heartfelt prayers for our brothers and sisters in Palestine. The assault on Gaza has persisted for 91 days as of this writing, with the West Bank grappling with heightened violence and increased restrictions. Meanwhile, Lebanon, still coping with a four-year economic collapse, experiences bombardments at its southern border not witnessed since 2006.

Urgent measures are in motion, utilizing donations to aid families in preparing for the colder months. In Lebanon, this involves empowering youth with vital skills like sewing, enabling them to earn income while supplying essential warm clothing and bedding for displaced families. Youth are also engaged in preparing and distributing hot meals, ensuring families are well-nourished and fortified against potential winter illnesses.

Our winterization efforts in full force.

Our sustained winterization efforts, rooted in sustainable and integrated models, have been adapting to evolving needs during the winter months. These needs have incrementally grown each year since the onset of the economic crisis, and the recent mass displacement from Lebanon’s southern border has intensified the strain on vulnerable families. Since October, nearly 60,000 people have been displaced from the south of the country, exacerbating the pressure on already struggling communities.

While warm clothing and hot meals may not be deemed luxuries, for many they signify the sole sources of comfort and reassurance in these uncertain times. Families have weathered years of hardship, contending with escalating poverty, unemployment, and food insecurity in Lebanon. The ongoing escalations and threats in the south have heightened anxieties and tensions, pushing an already vulnerable population to the brink. Your support this winter holds the power to make a substantial difference for families across the Middle East, providing them with the resources not only to endure today but to nurture hope for tomorrow.

Customized winterization kits ensure warmth and comfort for every family member, with specially curated clothing and essentials designed for a 5-6 year old. Your support brings tailored care to those in need during the colder months.


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