Women Can Do Anything! Empowering Women in Palestine

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Anera’s Women Can Program supports Palestinian women-headed families in the West Bank generate their own income. Women-headed families make up 12 percent of households in the West Bank, and are identified as being among the most vulnerable groups in Palestine. Supporting women to generate their own income is the most reliable strategy for enhancing resilience. Anera aims to help boost the income generated from each participant’s small enterprise to equal at least the Palestinian national minimum wage (about $430 per month).

The program consists of job skills and business management training as well as supplying program participants with the proper tools to carry out their profession. Here are some Women Can program successes:

Palestinian Women are Becoming Entrepreneurs in Palestine

Sanaa shares a green almond from her tree.

Anera had an opportunity to talk with five Women Can participants in the West Bank. The first two women profiled live in Qabalan village, in the southeast of Nablus, the next lives in the Yasmeen neighborhood, in the heart of Nablus’ Old City, one lives in Qalqilya, and the last woman profiled lives in the village of Azoon, near Qalqilya.

Palestinian Women Can!

Nariman Othman, 2019.

Women Can’s program coordinator, Nariman Othman, talks about meeting and interviewing amazing Palestinian women from all over the West Bank, aspects of the program and her own life experience — giving her a unique perspective on the program.

Women’s Empowerment Gets A Makeover in Nablus

Abeer in her element at her beauty salon in Nablus.

Abeer never had enough space or equipment to open her own beauty salon. For years, she received her customers at her home. The cramped space didn’t allow her to expand and hurt her business. All that changed this year when she joined Anera’s Women Can program.

Anera’s Women Can Program Helps Palestinian Baker Expand Her Business in Palestine

Meet Khyria, a baker from Qabalan, Palestine, locally famous for her giant bread loaves.

Sheep Help Palestinian Women Support Their Families

Naiima on her farm holding the newborn sheep.

Sheep cheese provides income in rural Palestine for these two Palestinian women.

Kholood Was Born to Make Delicious Food – Nablus, Palestine

Kholood prepares ingredients in her new kitchen, thanks to Anera's Women Can program.

Kholood now has new professional kitchen appliances. Before, she was worried about taking large food orders because of her inadequate appliances and the small size of her home kitchen. Now she has all the tools and space she needs and is able to help her friends sell their produce.

This Palestinian Woman’s Restaurant is Famous for Karshat

Nihaya in her restaurant in Qalqilya, in Palestine’s West Bank.

Nihaya has earned a reputation for her karshat, or stuffed lamb intestines, a popular dish across the Mediterranean.

Women’s Empowerment, From Proposal to Reality

Notes reflecting the hopes and worries of Women Can participants.

Holly Jordan is the new business development manager at Anera and one of the many architects of the Women Can program. She previously served as visiting assistant professor of religion at Roanoke College in Virginia.

Women Can: Economic Empowerment in the West Bank

Women Can program in West Bank

Anera’s press release about the program.

This page will be updated regularly with new profiles and information on the program.

This project is being implemented with the generous support of the Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA). The views expressed herein are those of American Near East Refugee Aid (Anera) and shall not, in any way whatsoever, be construed to reflect the official opinion of IRUSA, its Islamic Relief affiliates, or its donors.



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