World Diabetes Day

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Every year since 2007, when it was established by the United Nations, the world marks World Diabetes Day on November 14. #WorldDiabetesDay


This year the focus is on access to diabetes care. Millions around the world and in the regions where we work lack access to insulin.

Watch this short message from Rima Kamal, Anera’s medical donations program intern in Lebanon, at the Chronic Care Center in Baabda, Lebanon. Thank you to our partner Direct Relief, for donating vital medical aid like the insulin in this shipment and helping to ensure that diabetes patients have access to the care they need.

Meet some of the patients at the Chronic Care Center.

“Diabetes is not something shameful and it is not scary but our spirits must remain high. The beginning was difficult, but with commitment and high morale, I was able to adapt to the disease.”

— Dani, a 19-year-old Lebanese citizen, was diagnosed with diabetes six years ago.


“I would like to tell everyone my age who also have diabetes to stick to eat healthy and always exercise!”

— Mohamed, a 13-year-old Lebanese citizen with diabetes.


“I learned about my illness ten years ago when I was 8 years old. This disease can affect anyone, so do not make it an obstacle in your life and continue to live life to the fullest.”

— Fayza, an 18-year-old Lebanese citizen with diabetes.


“Do not be afraid of the disease, it is not scary or dangerous especially when you adapt to it. There are diseases that are much more dangerous than diabetes.”

— Lana, a 10-year-old Lebanese citizen with diabetes.

“Everyone should be aware of their health and if diagnosed with diabetes, patients must commit to the diagnosis. Please prioritize periodic examinations in order to avoid preventable chronic diseases.”

— Dr. Charles Saab, a specialist in diabetes.

Dr. Charles Saab


On this World Diabetes Day, we share one of our favorite films from the Anera archives.



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