World NGO Day 2024: A Message from Palestine

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This Tuesday, February 27th, commemorates World NGO Day. The day is an international recognition of the tireless and compassionate work that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) across the world undertake to combat poverty and inequality. This day celebrates not just NGOs themselves, but also the vision for a better world and happier humanity that often unites them. While NGOs cannot permanently fix the world’s problems, they work on the frontlines to fundamentally change people’s lives.



In this log, Anera will provide updates on unfolding war in Palestine and our response. Please stay tuned here for the latest information. To subscribe for weekly updates via SMS on our response in Gaza, text GAZA to 1-866-549-0055. April…

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After a temporary pause announced last week, Anera is resuming all aid operations in Gaza. As you know, the decision to temporarily pause our operations was not an easy one. We followed the direction of our staff in Gaza, who’ve…

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President Joe Biden, United States of AmericaApril 4, 2024 Mr. President: We write to you as the leaders of US-based NGOs with staff operating on the frontlines of critical humanitarian efforts in Gaza. The majority of us have seen members…

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