World Youth Skills Day 2021

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July 15 is World Youth Skills Day, a day meant to celebrate the creativity and resilience of youth, and also to recognize the importance of giving young people the training and skills for employment and entrepreneurship. At Anera, our youth education programs are a priority, as we recognize the significance of this day and helping young people succeed.

Anera offers both formal vocational training and non-formal skills courses, partnering with local institutions to make sure young people have access to quality vocational education in new and emerging fields. In recognition of World Youth Skills Day, here are three of our programs and projects that are helping young people in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan prepare for their future.

In Gaza, Anera trains and hires young people to install solar-powered water pumping systems for agricultural water wells as well as solar panels to power hospitals and clinics.

PLUS program: This program produces professional software engineers in just 16 weeks using a curriculum developed in Silicon Valley. The young participants from Palestine come out of this program with market-ready, adaptable coding skills, prepared to enter and thrive in a demanding industry.

Dalia Awad
In Palestine young people are becoming software engineers in just 16 weeks using a curriculum developed in Silicon Valley. They  prepared to enter and thrive in a demanding industry with with market-ready, adaptable coding skills.

Culinary training: As part of Anera’s youth vocational education program, 40 students in the Bekaa Valley are learning the basics of culinary arts and healthy cooking. The students are able to enhance their culinary skills by cooking specialized hot meals for families and individuals in quarantine, while also earning a daily income through Anera’s cash-for-work program.

Youth participating in Anera’s sewing courses in Lebanon are learning new skills and earning a wage while making much-needed face masks in the ongoing fight against COVID-19.

Basic math and literacy: Anera is helping young women develop critical literacy, math, writing and life skills for their futures at the Bhannine Social Skills Center, one of Anera’s local partners in Lebanon. The center is an educational safe space for girls and women between the ages of 10 and 30.

Youth volunteers are the reason behind many of Anera’s successes in Lebanon — from spreading health and hygiene awareness, promoting recycling and composting to helping clean streets in the wake of the Beirut blast. Anera uses on-the-job training to help these youth volunteers gain skills and produce positive outcomes for their community.

Thanks to your support, Anera is able to run these programs and many others, helping young people across Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan develop crucial skills to prepare for employment, entrepreneurship and a brighter future.



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