You Can Provide a Palestinian Family in Gaza with Food this Ramadan 2021 — Ghadeer’s Story

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See how $70 makes a difference for Ghadeer’s family this Ramadan in Gaza.

Every year during Ramadan, Anera assembles food parcels with an array of pantry essentials for hungry families in Gaza. We’re doing things a little differently this year by providing food assistance vouchers to 1,000 vulnerable families in Gaza. Together, with Islamic Relief USA, we will serve a total of 5,400 families. Vouchers provide families with the freedom of choice to buy the food items that are the most appropriate for their family’s needs.⁣

GIVE: $70 = 1 food voucher for a family in Gaza⁣

More than half of people in Gaza now live below the poverty line, and the unemployment rate is the highest in the world. The vouchers will help keep local markets in business, which means access to quality foods at reasonable prices and jobs for those who live in the community.⁣



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