Your Impact Makes A Difference for Families in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan

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As the new year approaches, the Anera community can look back at the positive impact of their support on the lives of families and individuals in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan. Despite many successes, needs and challenges continue to exist and there are many ways you can help below.

EVERY GIFT WILL BE MATCHED $1-per-$1 up to $100,000!

Food and Economic Security

$25 = $50
Provides two families in Gaza seedlings for their greenhouses. These seedlings help jumpstart their greenhouses, which can provide an extra source of income for families.

Rahma and her sons in their greenhouse.

“This project can support all of us.”

Rahma (right) got new greenhouses this year, which brought her family income and fresh produce to their dinner table. Learn more.

Medicines and Healthcare Supplies

$50 = $100
Delivers $4,000 worth of critically needed medical and healthcare supplies that would otherwise not be available in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan.

Dr. Carole Serhan, Chairman of Anesthesia, RHUH, Beirut

“Medicines and medical supplies are difficult to purchase and find, and there is always something missing on our shelves.

Dr. Carole Serhan, chair of the anesthesia department at Rafik Hariri University Hospital in Beirut, Lebanon. Learn more.

Winter Warmth and Providing Jobs

$100 = $200
Provides two families with a winterization voucher to prepare them for the harsher months ahead. This initiative employs 65 young people in Lebanon who are preparing kits for over 7,400 people.

“Our students are making hoodies, overalls and pajamas made from cotton and wool to help children stay warm. The winter clothing in this project will be distributed to refugees and other less fortunate communities.”

Fatima, a sewing trainer at the Social Communication Center, in the Shatila Palestinian Refugee Camp – a vital local partner of Anera’s. Learn more.

Emergency Food for Families

$250 = $500
Provides four families with food vouchers and meet their nutritional needs for an entire month.

“We are thankful for these speedy interventions that help ease our suffering during terrible times like this.”

Dina is a 36-year-old Gaza mother of three whose home was badly damaged during Israel’s bombing campaign in August 2022. Learn more.

Solar Power for Healthcare Facilities

$500 = $1,000
Helps equip two health centers with solar panels amid ongoing electricity shortages. With funds saved, clinics will be able to provide better care to more patients, even after it gets dark out.

“We’ve been suffering from the crumbling electricity sector — the whole country has. We depend on electricity. As we were one of the leading providers of vaccines for children in the region and our fridges required constant electricity. And our generators had to be turned on day and night to safeguard the vaccines, despite the unbelievably high costs.”

Abdullah Hazim, a general practitioner and clinic manager at Tal Hayat Dispensary in Akkar, Lebanon. Learn more.



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