Press Release

$250,000 for Anera’s Work in Gaza

June 18, 2010 | Washington, DC – American Near East Refugee Aid (Anera) is pleased to announce $250,000 in new funding for Gaza development projects. The money, raised by Anera from private donors, will be used to expand existing Anera programs dealing with health, sanitation and food security.

Anera has allocated $100,000 to enhance its program to extend water and sewage systems in remote areas not yet linked to the main systems in Khan Younis, Beit Hanoon and Jabalia. The program also includes repair to existing sewage systems in Beit Lahia and Khan Younis.

The existing sanitation system and drinking water supply have deteriorated dramatically because of the lack of spare parts and pipes. An estimated 75 million liters of untreated sewage are pumped into the Mediterranean Sea daily because pipes and spare parts have not been permitted into Gaza. Repairs will be made using materials available and produced inside Gaza.

Repairing water and sanitation facilities in Gaza is a high priority for us, says Anera president Bill Corcoran. The deterioration of the existing system presents an ever-growing health hazard for families in Gaza.

Another $100,000 has been earmarked for expanding the number of household gardens in Musaddar, Wadi As Salga, Nuseirat, and East Deir El Balah. Earlier this year, Anera implemented a food security program that includes helping families with seeds for household gardens, small greenhouses and irrigation.

Anera will use the remaining $50,000 to continue renovating preschools damaged during the 2009 Gaza War. Anera already has completed 31 schools, installing proper sanitary facilities and drinking fountains, repairing walls, and repainting classrooms