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Addressing Food Insecurity in the Middle East During Ramadan

April 3, 2023 | Washington, DC — This Ramadan, Anera is providing food security assistance to more than 52,000 individuals in Palestine, Lebanon, and Jordan by distributing grocery vouchers, dry food parcels, and iftar meals. The holy month is a special occasion for Muslims around the world. Nutritious iftar meals are essential to sustain families breaking their daily fasts, but many experience food insecurity due to economic hardships.

Inflation and rising food prices have impacted consumers across the globe, not least in the Middle East. Lebanon is facing one of the most severe economic crises globally since the mid-19th century. As the Lebanese pound continues to plummet, having lost over 98% of its value, the formerly middle class have been plunged into poverty. Palestine is experiencing the worst violence in two decades, and Palestinians are suffering from increased poverty, unemployment, and food insecurity. In Jordan, millions of Syrian and other refugees confront economic challenges, overcrowding, and food insecurity.

Anera is providing dry food parcels to 720 vulnerable families in Beirut and Mount Lebanon, enabling them to meet their nutritional needs during the month. Hiba Dabliz, Anera’s project manager for the Ramadan distributions in Lebanon, says,

“These distributions bring hope and comfort to hundreds of families in my country. In supporting food security we’re also helping families to celebrate the spirit of togetherness and charity. We wish everyone all the blessings of the Holy Month, and hope that this Ramadan brings comfort and dignity for everyone.”

Anera is also providing e-vouchers to 7,100 vulnerable families in Palestine, with the help of Islamic Relief USA. This assistance will benefit 37,295 people and will aid the larger community through increased economic activity at more than 16 local supermarkets. Islamic Relief USA CEO Sharif Aly, says,

“Islamic Relief USA is proud of its partnership with Anera, which started in 2014 and has grown in the nine years since. Anera reliably delivers critical and need-based aid to the Palestinian territories. During the month of Ramadan in particular, it is essential to ensure that the needs of the most vulnerable are met through quality programming. IRUSA has been working with Anera since 2019 to provide much needed Ramadan food support in Palestine.”

In Jordan, Anera is partnering with the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization (JHCO) to provide food vouchers for 400 families, allowing them to purchase the food items of their choosing. Anera and JHCO are also providing daily hot meals for an additional 5,000 people. Preparation of the meals will create economic opportunities for workers and chefs hired to prepare the meals. Carina Aoun, Anera’s country field manager in Jordan, says,

“As an organization, we are proud to support Arzaq, a women-led kitchen that is providing high-quality hot meals. Not only are we able to provide families with hot meals, but we are also enabling women and a team of volunteers to play an active role in the community. We are committed to serving vulnerable families in Jordan including Syrian and Palestinian refugees, and vulnerable Jordanians, and we hope that our efforts can make a positive impact on their lives. Everyone deserves to have access to nutritious food, regardless of their circumstances. Our Ramadan project not only provides hot meals and food vouchers to those in need, but it also offers a sense of community and dignity during this holy month.”

In addition to the Ramadan responses, Anera will be hosting iftar events throughout Ramadan in Washington, DC, Virginia, and California. These events will bring donors together to aid in the fundraising efforts that make all of the Ramadan response efforts possible.


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