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Air Shipment of Vital Medicines Arrived in Lebanon Early Today

August 26, 2020 | Beirut, Lebanon  –  An air shipment of medicines arrived early this morning in Beirut. The shipment is the first of several to Lebanon that Anera is organizing in partnership with International Health Partners UK.

The medicines that arrived at the Beirut airport today are valued at $173,000 and include chronic disease medicines, anti-diabetic medications, anti-worming agents, and other pharmaceuticals for which there is consistent need. The donation from International Health Partners UK was planned prior to the devastation explosion at the Beirut port on August 4. The organizations gave the shipment special priority in light of the heightened strains on the Lebanese health care system following the blast. 

The medicines will enable health care providers to provide patients the care they need without regard to their ability to pay market rates. Locally, Anera is partnering with YMCA Lebanon to distribute the medicines to health facilities where they are most needed.

Dima Zayat, Anera’s deputy country director in Lebanon, commented,

“It’s important that we not forget the need for chronic medicines in Lebanon. While we’re responding to the emergency situation created by the explosion we need to keep working to ensure the other health care needs are also being met. We’re proud to be working with IHP UK to ensure medicines are on hand where they’re really needed.” 

Louise Hart, IHP UK’s Director of Programmes, commented,

“IHP has worked alongside Anera in Lebanon for a number of years to support their huge impact across the region. In the wake of this disaster, acute shortages of medicines, medical supplies and equipment across the country are a serious concern. IHP is working hard to support Anera with emergency shipments, like this one, to help replenish medicine stocks and supplies and bring support to those affected.”

The next shipment Anera and IHP UK  are organizing will include emergency response items like wound dressings and bandages for Beirut-area hospitals. The air shipment is being facilitated by AirLink and will likely arrive in early September. Anera and IHP UK are also planning a sea shipment to replenish medical supplies at health care facilities across the country.

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