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Anera and Lebanon’s High Relief Committee Coordinate Medical Aid


November 3, 2020 | Beirut — Anera is proud to collaborate with the High Relief Committee headed by Major General Muhammad al-Khayr. The committee has supported Anera by coordinating and facilitating 32 air and sea shipments of medical aid donations.

The major general stressed the importance of partnership and cooperation in the relief efforts:

“This stifling economic crisis has afflicted Lebanese people from various social classes, so we must all cooperate to overcome these challenges. Several organizations are providing social and humanitarian assistance, especially Anera which I view as the Unknown Soldier that fights for the interest and future of our dear country, Lebanon.”

Anera’s team delivered medicines, medical supplies, and personal protection items to entities that had suffered damages from the Beirut explosion such as hospitals, health centers, and local charities, as well as to centers that provide free medical services to low-income individuals and those affected by the economic crisis and the coronavirus pandemic.

During his meeting with Anera’s team last week, the major general said that Lebanon will not be able to recover from its current crisis except through regular and effective coordination between all concerned parties, whether public or private. He said:

“We would like to salute all those who have cooperated for the sake of Lebanese people and institutions – which are an important pillar of service to these great people. There is full coordination between the Ministry of Health and the High Relief Committee regarding the impact on the healthcare system, in both the public and private sectors, in light of the pandemic that has led to a decline in the quality of medical services and further negative repercussions on Lebanon’s economy.

The coronavirus must not be taken lightly, and we must support the public and private sectors so that all parties can effectively fulfill their responsibilities. It should be noted that some organizations such as Anera are in full coordination with the High Relief Committee for the recovery of Lebanon.”

Thanks to Major General al-Khayr and the High Relief Committee, Anera was able to provide thousands of free treatments for patients with chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes, in addition to emergency medications and medical supplies for which demand has increased after the explosion.

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