Press Release

Anera Congratulates Board Member Mikdashi

March 9, 2010 | Washington, DC – Anera (American Near East Refugee Aid) congratulates Usama Mikdashi on his appointment as Chairman of the Banking Control Commission of Lebanon. Mr. Mikdashi, a former Anera Board member, is on the organization’s Advisory Council.

“Mr. Mikdashi’s appointment recognizes his keen intellect and impeccable honesty during a distinguished banking career, “said Anera president Bill Corcoran. “It underscores his selfless dedication to the Lebanese people, which we have witnessed for decades in his service through Anera.”

Throughout his long association with Anera, Usama MIkdashi has generously supported Anera’s education, medical and other Anera programs in Lebanon, West Bank and Gaza, including Atfaluna Society for the Deaf in Gaza and IT Centers of Excellence at four West Bank universities. He also contributed to Anera’s projects to expand women’s development and to ease suffering of families in Gaza during the 2009 bombings.

Mr. Mikdashi has a particular devotion to the elderly and their care at Dar al Ajaza Hospital of Beirut, an Anera partner.

Usama Mikdashi has a long career in banking, holding senior positions at Citibank in management, credit and operations in the US, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. He graduated from American University in Beirut in 1961 and holds an MBA from AUB.