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Anera Expands Its Ramadan Food Assistance in Palestine

April 1, 2022 | Palestine – To improve the food security status of vulnerable families in Palestine, with the support of Islamic Relief USA Anera is providing 8,600 vulnerable families in the West Bank and Gaza with food assistance in the form of electronic food vouchers to secure their basic needs during the month of Ramadan.

The holy month of Ramadan is a special occasion for Muslims across the world. Unfortunately, vulnerable families are overburdened with the financial worry of covering the expenses of food for iftar, the main daily meal during the month. Over 68% of the population in Gaza and over 30% of the population in the West Bank currently experience food insecurity.

This project is expected to directly benefit 47,300 people. The food assistance project focuses on increasing the food security of the most vulnerable families. By providing families with vouchers, the initiative enhances food security while preserving dignity and enabling families to make choices based on their most pressing needs.

“During the holy month of Ramadan,” says IRUSA CEO Sharif Aly, “Islamic Relief USA implements several food security programs across the world, focusing on vulnerable regions. Through our trusted partnership with Anera, we are able to reach thousands of families facing increasingly dire living conditions and food insecurity in both Gaza and the West Bank. Ramadan serves as a stark reminder that we all must continually strive to ensure that hunger is reduced as much as possible through humanitarian efforts and sustainable solutions.”

While in past years Anera focused its Palestinian food security projects for Ramadan only on Gaza, this year Anera is including the West Bank due to the growing need among vulnerable families, particularly in marginalized communities. In the past few months, both the West Bank and Gaza have seen a significant inflation in prices, including on food, increasing financial burden on the already financially challenged Palestinian population.

Anera is working with the Ministry of Social Development and reputable and vetted community organizations to coordinate to identify the program. All recipients should receive their vouchers within the first two weeks of Ramadan to enable them to purchase adequate groceries and fresh produce to cover the basic food needs of each family during the month of Ramadan.

The selected grocery stores are vetted and verified to offer the highest quality of food items for the most reasonable price for food. The participating vendors are located in several areas in each governorate to ensure recipients do not need to travel far to redeem their vouchers.

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