Press Release

Anera Mourns Death of Board Member

September 23, 2009 | Washington, DC – Anera staff, friends and family are saddened by the death of Board Member Andrea Lorenz. Ms Lorenz lived in Calgary, Alberta where she worked as Associate Editor of Oilweek and Octane Magazines. Previously she was a Features Editor with the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.

Ms Lorenz joined Anera’s Board in 2008 where she combined her energy with her passion for providing humanitarian and development assistance to Palestinian communities in the Middle East. During the war in Gaza in January, she initiated a fundraising drive in Canada for Gaza’s children, traumatized by 22 days of bombings.

“Andrea was deeply committed to improving lives of women and children and had a great love for the peoples and cultures of the Middle East,” said Anera President Bill Corcoran who honored Ms Lorenz’s dedication to the Middle East.

In the late 1980s, Ms Lorenz administered academic and cultural exchange programs for US educators, helping to triple the number of professors involved in the Joseph J. Malone Faculty Fellows Program in Arab and Islamic Studies. Later, she organized and led many trips to Yemen, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates to expand Americans’ understanding of the region.

Ms Lorenz authored more than 40 articles on economics, human rights, and women’s issues as well as geopolitics and the energy industry. Since 1997 she had served on the board of the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association.

She received a BA in History from Wellesley College and a Masters in Middle East Studies from the American University of Cairo in 1984. Ms Lorenz passed away on September 22 from cancer at the age of 52.

Anera will be honoring Ms. Lorenz’s memory at its upcoming Board meeting on October 3, 2009.