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Anera Promotes Medical Donations Team Member Muhammad Atieh

Mohammad Atieh

Muhammad Atieh

March 8, 2021 | Ramallah — Anera is proud to announce the promotion of Muhammad Atieh to the position of regional project officer for medical donations. Muhammad is one of Anera’s longest serving employees. He has been with the organization for 15 years. Working out of Anera’s distribution center in Beitin, Muhammad has worked tirelessly as Anera’s field coordinator for medical donations in the West Bank. In his new role, Muhammad will be responsible for implementing a new monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning (MEAL) system for the medical donations program, using the Apricot software system.

Nisreen Khalaf, the director of Anera’s medical donations program, calls Muhammad’s promotion “long overdue.” She says his new role is “not only an opportunity for him but helps us as a program to grow.”

“This is a chance for him to take on the responsibility of managing and supporting the medical donations teams in other regions. Working with the team in Lebanon will be a great way for them to learn from each other. And capitalizing on his expertise from Palestine to help us establish our program in Jordan is really nice and so much better than hiring someone new.”

While continuing to coordinate medical donations in the West Bank, Muhammad will be working with Anera’s staff in Lebanon to help get the new MEAL system up and running, ensuring that the organization will now have a unified monitoring system for our medical donations across regions. With his help, Anera will unify with our entire medical donations program to capture information in a single database, allowing the organization to analyze its work in one system. His support for the Lebanon team builds upon his work in improving Anera’s existing database system in Palestine.

Khalaf says the new system will “help us to consistently generate the same info in the same way.” With Apricot we will all have access to the system for tracking and analyzing the distributions and generating reports. “His understanding of database systems helped us develop what we needed for our new system.”

He will also continue to help manage Anera’s growing medical donations programming in Jordan. Anera returned to Jordan last year after a seven year absence. 

A pharmacist by training, Muhammad does all the site visits to hospitals and health clinics in the West Bank, monitoring the shipments of donated medicines and medical supplies, and works with the clinics to ensure that we are always delivering items that they need. He also helps analyze Anera’s data on the daily impact of medical deliveries and tracking distribution.

He has spent countless hours on the road for his site visits crisscrossing the West Bank to ensure that donated medicines reach patients free-of-charge and that nothing is expiring on shelves. Since the COVID-19 outbreak reached Palestine, Muhammad has taken on the additional task of helping the communications team cover stories by interviewing patients and healthcare providers and taking photos. And, as Khalaf adds, “Not only is he an expert in many areas but he’s very easy to work with.”

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