Press Release

Anera Signs Contract for Major Renovations at West Bank Hospital

June 14, 2011 | Bethlehem, West Bank — Anera signed a contract to begin renovating the postnatal section of the Holy Family Hospital in Bethlehem. The project is being implemented by Anera under the Emergency Water and Sanitation and Other Infrastructure (EWAS II) Program funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The contract was signed by Anera Chief of Party Jamal Al Aref and Khalil Al-Alameh of Al-Remah General Contracting Company. Also in attendance was Sister Maha Sansour representing Holy Family Hospital, and Mohammad Abu Rajab, Anera’s southern West Bank area manager. The signing ceremony took place at the Holy Family Hospital.

The Holy Family Hospital is located in Bethlehem and provides quality medical care for women and infants in the southern West Bank, including specialized services for pregnant women throughout the delivery process and post delivery, as well as infant care (especially for premature babies). Due to a heavy demand on its services in addition to economic difficulties facing the hospital and its patients, the facility was unable to maintain all of its departments, leading to deterioration with heavy use. The postnatal section especially suffered and requires major renovation work.

With USAID funding amounting of $455,000, Anera will renovate the postnatal section, which includes 16 bedrooms, and other facilities including hallways, the nurse station, kitchen, changing room, cleaning room and reception area. Works will include painting, plastering, replacing damaged tiles and electrical fixtures, installing new doors, windows, false ceilings and lighting fixtures, installing a new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, and renovating sanitation units.

Engineer Al Aref took a moment to say, “This is a great opportunity for all. We at Anera are happy that, with USAID funding, we can participate in this unique project, and in coordination with the hospital and the contractor, complete the work and deliver a postnatal section to be proud of.”

On behalf of the hospital, Sister Maha Sansour thanked all involved, saying, “We thank USAID, Anera and the contractor, and we look forward to working in partnership towards a common interest.”

Once completed, this intervention is expected to benefit 3,000 patients annually, leaving the hospital better able to provide improved medical services to mothers and infants.