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Anera Launches Pilot Online Education Course in Lebanon with Arizona State University


January 9, 2019 | Washington, DC A new collaboration between Anera and Arizona State University (ASU) offers digital English language programs to a pilot class of 25 learners in Lebanon. The initiative increases access to tertiary education for refugee, displaced and marginalized youths in settlements in Lebanon.

In the midst of a global refugee crisis in which very few university-age refugees have the opportunity to attend college and host-country educational systems are often unable to meet the demand, online learning can help to fill the gap.

This is an exciting opportunity to take advantage of the growing use of online education to open up educational opportunities for refugee and vulnerable host communities. We hope to build upon this pilot and expand the program to many more students in the future,” said Leen Ataya, Anera’s education program manager.

The classes, available at no charge to the student, in the initial four-week course have already begun. The content is designed to meet the needs of refugees and the displaced. In partnership with Anera, ASU’s Learn English Now classes offer opportunities for refugee and host country community learners to improve their English skills, develop skills for future online classes, and prepare for higher education programs.

“This innovative program leverages the local knowledge and experience of Anera with the academic and digital expertise of ASU to provide access to quality education. It is a complementary partnership borne out of mutual commitment to supporting refugee and host community learners reach their educational ambition.” said Nick Sabato, director of country programs for ASU’s Education for Humanity initiative.

The gender-balanced class has access to a computer lab with fast and reliable internet access, headphones and other communication equipment. Local facilitators in regular communication with faculty from ASU’s Global Launch division are present to assist students in the online learning process.

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