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Private Donor Funds Solar Power in Lebanon

November 11, 2022 | Beirut, Lebanon — We are proud to announce that Anera is investing $200,000 from a private donor to install solar power systems at medical clinics and community centers across Lebanon. Solar power supports sustainable, quality health services for refugees and other vulnerable populations.

Keeping the lights on for families in Lebanon is a constant struggle. For decades, electricity across the country has been unreliable and in desperate need of restoration. Households across the country deal with sudden, hours-long power cuts and shortages, making it extremely difficult to prepare and store food, charge devices for school or work, and simply to keep the lights on.

Samar El Yassir, Anera’s Lebanon country director says,

“Amid the darkness that Lebanon is now experiencing, solar solutions counter the collapse of health, social, educational, and other essential services. Our program is an effort to make available affordable solar power in an attempt to sustain vital services and bring some normalcy to life in Lebanon. Our solar solutions target primary healthcare, education, and civil society centers that serve tens of thousands of the most vulnerable populations in Lebanon. Providing affordable energy enables them to sustain their services and even increase their outreach efforts.”

This project will be implemented across Lebanon in places like Tal Hayat Dispensary, serving Palestinian refugees, Syrian refugees, migrants from other countries, and Lebanese patients, with a goal of providing quality healthcare services and medicines to those lacking access to these resources.

Abdullah Hazim, a general practitioner and the clinic manager at Tal Hayat Dispensary in Akkar, says,

“We’ve been suffering from the crumbling electricity sector — the whole country has. We depend on electricity, as we were one of the leading providers of vaccines for children in the region and our fridges required constant electricity. And our generators have to be turned on day and night to safeguard the vaccines, despite the unbelievably high costs.”

Anera will install solar panel systems in 10 to 15 healthcare and community centers that struggle to sustain enough energy to power things like vital medical equipment and room temperature control – both are expensive and often unreliable. Solar panels will provide undisrupted access to energy, which allows the centers to have basic lighting, power the computers and other systems, and run machinery and equipment.


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