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Responding to Emergency Medical Needs in Ein El Hilweh

October 3, 2023 | Beirut – In response to ongoing intense clashes in Ein El Hilweh, the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, Anera is partnering with Americares to procure and distribute essential medical supplies to treat those impacted by the violence. Healthcare centers in and around Ein El Hilweh need emergency and long-term supplies and medicines to continue operating effectively as patient numbers increase.

With the new support from Americares, Anera will increase the capacity of healthcare facilities by procuring more of the most-needed medicines, such as intravenous antibiotics, surgical medicines, and essential supplies such as sutures. The team is assessing urgent needs in close collaboration with Saida Public Hospital, Palestinian Red Crescent Society Al Hamshari Hospital, and the Human Call Hospital located inside Ein El Hilweh camp. The project will begin in early October.

Mohamad Kaddoura, Anera’s South Governorate area manager, said today,

“Anera swiftly responded by providing vital medical supplies, food provisions, and essential first aid kits to aid the displaced population. But there are still pressing needs among both the inhabitants within the camp and those displaced outside due to the fighting. Thanks to this support from Americares, we’re working to bridge the critical gaps in the support currently being provided by organizations on the ground to meet the urgent needs of the population amid challenging security conditions within Ein El Hilweh camp.”

The clashes began on July 29th and continued to escalate throughout August, and multiple attempts at ceasefire negotiations have failed or been broken. Involved factions used grenades, rifles, and other heavy weaponry. After a short period of relative calm, the clashes ensued again in early September. The death toll has reached 30 people, with hundreds injured and some 5,000 displaced individuals seeking refuge outside the camp.

Immediately following the onset of violence in Ein El Hilweh, Anera worked quickly to allocate and distribute 450 hygiene kits and backpacks for displaced and injured families. The team in Lebanon also mobilized 400 units of urgently needed intravenous medications and antibiotics to Saida Public Hospital, where supplies were low. In September, Anera distributed emergency health kits consisting of essential oral and IV medications, IV solutions and supplies to different health centers located inside and adjacent to Ein El Hilweh camp. Anera also distributed food parcels to displaced families.


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