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Three Medical Shipments Enter Gaza

May 21, 2021 | Gaza City — Today, two Anera trucks have entered into Gaza with shipments of medical aid. These are the first medical aid shipments coordinated with UN agencies and INGOs to come into the territory since the bombings began on May 10.

The shipments contain vital medical aid, including chemotherapy medicines, personal protective equipment (PPE), chronic disease medicines, and antibiotics. Anera already had shipped these vital supplies, donated by Americares and Direct Relief, two weeks ago and they have been waiting for clearance to go to Gaza. Anera’s Gaza staff met the shipments today at our distribution center in Gaza City and they are now inventorying the supplies for distribution to Shifa Hospital and other health facilities throughout Gaza. Shifa hospital currently has zero balance of the chemotherapy medication doxorubicin, so Anera’s receipt of this medicine is urgently needed and will be delivered to the hospital as soon as possible.

“Gaza perpetually has shortages of medicines and healthcare supplies,” says Nisreen Khalaf, the director of Anera’s medical donations program. “And this emergency, like so many Gaza has endured, is exacerbating problems the health sector has been experiencing for nearly 15 years, since the blockade started.”

Anera is currently preparing nine additional shipments of medical aid containing chronic medicines, insulin, IV solutions, medical supplies, mental health medication, and PPE to be sent to Gaza in the coming weeks. The donors of these shipments are Americares, Direct Relief, Health Partners International of Canada, and International Health Partners.

Gaza’s health sector is under tremendous strain right now. Six hospitals and nine primary healthcare facilities have been damaged by airstrikes. Prominent healthcare staff have been killed. All this at a time when the coronavirus continues its spread and there are thousands of Palestinians needing treatment for injuries and pre-existing conditions.

Anera will plan many more shipments of medicines to Gaza over the coming months. And, when the bombing stops, we will help the health sector rebuild.


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