Press Release

USAID Awards Anera Major Infrastructure Development Project for West Bank and Gaza

Washington, DC | July 8, 2013 — Anera (American Near East Refugee Aid) is pleased to announce it has been selected by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to implement a major infrastructure program that will increase Palestinians’ access to water and sanitation in the West Bank and Gaza. The extensive five-year project, known as the Palestinian Community Infrastructure Development Program, will respond to urgent water and sanitation needs and also address underlying infrastructure issues in the health, democracy and governance, and education sectors.

“We are very honored that USAID has placed its confidence in Anera to implement this program to extend vital infrastructure to Palestinian families in remote and vulnerable communities,” said Anera President Bill Corcoran. “Increased access to water, sanitation and other services will help improve the quality of life for thousands of Palestinians.”

Anera will work with Palestinian Authority ministries and community leaders to identify, design and implement infrastructure projects, especially in the areas of water and sanitation. Anera also will partner with the local non-profit organization Women and Media Development to ensure the program addresses the needs of women, children and vulnerable groups.

Anera is currently completing two other USAID-funded initiatives: the Emergency Water and Sanitation and Other Infrastructure Program (EWAS II) and a sub-grant under the Palestinian Community Assistance Program (PCAP). EWAS II focuses on improving and rehabilitating basic community infrastructure for vulnerable communities in the West Bank and Gaza. PCAP strengthens and builds the early childhood development sector in Gaza.

Since 1998, Anera has administered more than $150 million of projects in the West Bank and Gaza through a series of USAID grants and cooperative agreements. The projects have installed water and sanitation networks, irrigation pipelines, water reservoirs and access roads; built and renovated hospitals, clinics and schools; and created jobs in villages and towns across the West Bank and Gaza.

About USAID in the West Bank and Gaza

USAID has provided more than $4.2 billion in U.S. economic assistance to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza since 1994. In close coordination with the Palestinian Authority, USAID supports projects designed to reduce poverty, improve health and education, implement infrastructure and water projects, create jobs, and promote democracy and good governance.

About Anera

For more than 45 years, Anera has been a leading provider of development, health, education and employment programs to Palestinian communities and impoverished families throughout the Middle East. In FY 2012, the relief and development agency delivered more than $40 million of programs to the people of the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon and Jordan. Its work is funded through private donations and grants from foundations, corporations and governments.