Palestinian Refugees from Syria in Lebanon

Nearly 4 million refugees from Syria have fled the country as the brutal Syrian war rages on. Almost 1.5 million refugees have ended up in Lebanon — and more than 50,000 of those are Palestinians.

Report: Palestinian Refugees from Syria in Lebanon

In 2013, Anera produced an On-the-Ground report documenting the conditions of Palestinian refugees from Syria in Lebanon and demonstrating the vast need for support.

While numbers and percentages have changed, the needs remain the same, and in some cases, conditions have worsened. Read the report to better understand the deplorable circumstances in which many Palestinian refugees live.

Palestinian refugees from Syria in Lebanon's refugee camps live in extremely bleak conditions and are often overlooked by the international community. Their reality is harsh:

  • Most families live with more than 10 people crammed into a single room.
  • Palestinians from Syria are not allowed to work in Lebanon.
  • Only 6% of Palestinian refugees from Syria ages 15-18 are in school.
  • They suffer from hunger, cold, and illness in pre-existing camps already lacking resources.
  • Palestinians must renew expensive visas every 3 months to be eligible for services.

Voices: Palestinian Refugee Women from Syria

Anera Projects for Refugees from Syria in Lebanon

Warm clothes and blankets are needed for Syrian refugees in winter


Winterization & Humanitarian Relief

Anera programs provided needy families with food, clothing, hygiene kits, emergency lights, blankets, quilts and insulated mats to keep safe and warm.

"Since electricity is scarce here, the emergency light unit is very practical."

Learn about winter relief for refugees in Akkar >>



Non-formal Education & Job Training

We're reaching tens of thousands of teens and young adults with basic math, literacy and computer courses. We're also helping Palestinian refugees from Syria build job skills in the fields they're allowed to work in.

"Before this workshop, I didn't know how to use a computer," says Walla.

Meet Walla and other refugees getting an education through our flexible courses >>

Soccer players participating in Anera's sports for peace and development program in Lebanon.


Psychosocial Support & Sports Programs

Anera helps kids recover from trauma and socialize with their peers in a safe environment through sports and recreational courses, including classes in photography, capoeira, embroidery and more.

"Sports is the space where I can let go of all the negative emotions I’ve experienced" – Abdel Hakim, refugee from Syria

Meet refugee teens learning positive values through sports >>

In makeshift tent camps in Akkar, Anera is implementing a new dental program to help provide health & relief for Syrian refugees.


Camp Health Awareness & Treatment

From dental health screening and treatment to lice prevention sessions and the delivery of millions of dollars worth of medicine to local charitable hospitals, Anera focuses on health for refuges from Syria.

“Toothaches really hurt and sometimes I can’t sleep at night because of the pain,” says Aminah.

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