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Originally aired Thursday, June 16th, 2022

Investing in Palestine's Future: Using Development Impact Bonds to Scale Early Childhood Development

Learn how Anera is scaling up our flagship early childhood development program in Palestine with new funding opportunities using development impact bonds to scale early childhood education and development.

In this webinar, we discuss exciting new opportunities to secure the future of Anera’s early childhood development programs in Palestine. Sulieman Mleahat, Anera’s education program manager in Palestine, is joined by Sean Carroll, Anera’s president and CEO, and strategy and finance professional, Brad Merchant, to discuss the unique benefits development impact bonds present for the future of Anera’s educational programing. Anera’s educational programs in Palestine have included constructing new schools to meet growing demand and renovating existing preschools in need of repairs. And Sulieman was directly involved in creating Palestine’s first national curriculum for preschools. As we look toward the future, we recognize that educational needs will continue to grow throughout the region. We hope to continue to scale our impact over the next five years to provide a vital resource to children, parents and communities throughout Palestine.

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Gaza 15 Years Under Siege
Originally aired Wednesday, May 25th, 2022

Gaza: 15 Years Under Siege

The blockade on Gaza is entering its 15th year. In that time, the Gaza Strip has been subjected to increasing restrictions on movement of people and goods, worsening economic conditions and four destructive bombardments. With a median age of 18, this is the only Gaza that half of the population has experienced.

When conversations about life in Gaza come up, they’re often filled with statistics. 97% of water is unfit for human consumption. Over 50% of the population is unemployed. Food insecurity impacts nearly 2/3rds of the population. While these numbers are important, they often detach the effects of the siege from the lived realities of families in Gaza. In order to understand what 15 years under blockade means, the human element needs to be the main focus.

In this webinar Anera’s communications manager in Palestine, Rania Elhilou, is joined by experts Jehad Abusalim, Dr. Yasser Abu-Jamei and Reem Abu Jaber to discuss what it means to live under siege on both the personal and community level. Moderated by Anera President & CEO Sean Carroll.

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Originally aired Thursday, November 11th, 2021

The Pandemic's Toll on Women in Lebanon and Palestine

Nariman Othman, who coordinates Anera’s Women Can program in Palestine, and Serene Dardari, Anera Communications Manager in Lebanon provide an inside perspective on how Anera’s women’s empowerment programs are making a difference. While both Nariman and Serene will speak to the challenges the pandemic has caused across the region, Nariman elaborates on how occupation has added another layer of complication in Palestine and Serene explains the gender-based struggles Lebanon’s economic collapse has caused.

Although there will be many similarities between stories from each country, you will also learn about how your support allows Anera’s staff on the ground to be flexible and responsive in each unique context, providing educational, economic and psychosocial support and opportunities towards positive outcomes for women most in need.

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Cover photo for Anera Lebanon Emergency Update
Originally aired Wednesday, August 25th, 2021

Anera Lebanon Emergency Update

Lebanon is in a deep crisis. Daily life has been completely upended for everyone living there, a result of continual economic degradation over the last two years. Anera’s work has become increasingly critical to ensure daily survival for the communities most affected by this crisis.

Dima Zayat and Lina Atat join us to share more about their work and experience on the ground in Lebanon.

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Title screen of part two of Anera's Palestine Emergency Response Efforts Webinar
Originally aired Thursday, July 8th, 2021

Anera's Palestine Emergency Response Efforts - Part 2

A continuation of our update on Anera's response efforts in the wake of the May conflict. This week we are focusing the discussion on our agricultural and water, sanitation and hygiene program work.

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Title screen of Anera's Palestine Emergency Response Efforts Webinar
Originally aired Thursday, July 1st, 2021

Anera's Palestine Emergency Response Efforts

In May, Palestine experienced its fourth bombardment in the last 13 years. Even though a ceasefire was declared a little over a month ago, it is still fragile. We are all anxiously holding our breath and responding to the immediate needs on the ground.

Five members of our Anera Palestine team share updates on Anera's work to help rebuild Gaza after this latest assault and address the growing need in the West Bank as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and political unrest. We are joined by Muhammad Atieh, Mostafa Al-Ghosain, Abeer Aqeel, Lana Al-Qedwa and Ahmad Najjar to talk about Anera’s immediate emergency response in Palestine.

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Anera’s PLUS+Code Tech Career Accelerator Program in Palestine
Originally aired Thursday, March 18th, 2021

Anera’s PLUS+Code Tech Career Accelerator Program in Palestine

Anera’s career accelerator program: PLUS+Code (People Leveling Up Skills with Coding) in Palestine program gives young people the technical and durable skills they need to begin and accelerate successful careers. Our PLUS+Code initiative produces professional software engineers, giving PLUS learners the market-ready, adaptable coding skills and essential durable, non-technical skills demanded by the industry. Graduates are placed into well-paying tech industry jobs.

We're joined by PLUS program staff, graduates and employers of these graduates.

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Rebuilding Beirut: 6 Months Later
Originally aired Thursday, February 11th, 2021

Rebuilding Beirut: 6 Months Later

Six months since the devastating explosion in Beirut, Anera continues to work on response, rebuilding and recovery, amid the ongoing COVID and economic and political crises. Sean Carroll, Anera's president and CEO, is joined by Dima Zayat, Anera Lebanon’s deputy country director, and Christine Zahm, Anera’s youth program manager. They share firsthand accounts of living in Beirut through a pandemic, ongoing political instability and economic collapse — and how Anera is helping to rebuild and strengthen communities.

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Empowering Women in Gaza
Originally aired December 17, 2020

Empowering Women in Gaza

Join fellow Visionary donors and Anera program staff in Gaza to learn about the ways Anera is working, despite the pandemic, to improve the economic situation of women in Gaza. Our local partner, the Cooperative Society for Savings and Lending, located in Beit Hanoun, focuses on women’s economic and social empowerment through skills-building activities and the formation of women’s cooperatives throughout Gaza.

In this webinar we will tour CSSL, meet the center’s director and some program participants, and talk with Anera program staff, Abeer Aqeel and Rania Elhilou, about Anera’s women’s empowerment programs in Gaza.

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Remembering the Forgotten webinar
Originally aired Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Remembering the Forgotten: How Lebanon's Refugee and Other Vulnerable Communities are Coping in Increasingly Dire Circumstances

2020 has been a cascade of ever more severe crises in Lebanon — economic collapse, political paralysis, the refugee situation, COVID-19, and now the Beirut blast. Join our panel of voices from Lebanon to hear first-hand accounts about the deepening economic crisis, the aftermath of the explosion, and how vulnerable communities, particularly Palestinian and Syrian refugees, are coping and attempting to build a better future for themselves.


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