Music and the Arts

Creative expression has educational and psychological value for people of all ages but it is especially critical in early childhood education. Sadly, when schools are low on funding, arts and music programs are often the first subjects dropped.

ANERA recognizes that music and arts education should go hand-in-hand with academics as a way to broaden the horizon and strengthen a child’s personal development. Giving people of varied languages and cultures an arts experience can help them communicate and unite in their shared humanity.

ANERA works with wonderful organizations in the West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon to encourage artistic expression and learning.

Art and music are a key element of our ECD initiative in the West Bank and Gaza. Thanks to your support, we also organize creative activities in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon to offer an artistic release of tensions that can build up under difficult living conditions.

ANERA often reprints Palestinian children’s drawings for greeting cards and other visual aids to showcase their talent and promote the benefits of art and music at all levels of education.

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