Renovating Preschools | West Bank and Gaza

April 10, 2013 ANERA
Early Childhood Development, Education, Job Creation, School Infrastructure
A preschooler in a Nablus, West Bank, classroom. His school benefits from ANERA's early childhood program, Right Start, that trains teachers, renovates schools, and instills a love of reading and arts as a means of developing young brains.

The Reality

What young children need most is a safe place for learning. Unfortunately, many preschools in Gaza and the West Bank are managed by local organizations or non-profits and operate with shoe-string budgets and limited resources. In Gaza many preschools have suffered collateral damage during bombing raids or outright conflict. one out of four have poor or no clean drinking water. The schools are in desperate need of repair and improvement but local communities don’t have the funds to do the job. Learning for many youngsters is not fun or safe.

ANERA’s Response

ANERA’s experience with early childhood development and its knowledge of the needs of preschools has positioned us well to carry out school renovations. We incorporate the principles of child-focused education when building or repairing preschools in the West Bank and Gaza. That translates into colorful classrooms and safe play areas, giving children a happy place to learn and play. In Gaza alone, we have renovated more than 100 preschools.

How It Works

We hire local workers to make water fountains more child-friendly, upgrade child-appropriate bathrooms, replace roofs, paint classrooms, install new blackboards, repair and brighten playgrounds, install sun shades over playgrounds, and erect water tanks for clean drinking water. The repairs generally take about two weeks but the impact is lasting and so are the children’s smiles.

Visit a Couple Preschools

Nour playing at the New Askar Preschool, newly renovated by ANERA as part of its early childhood development program in the West Bank.Nour, a five-year-old at New Askar Preschool in New Askar refugee camp in Nablus: ““The playground’s nicer…They took the old swings and gave us new ones. When I used to play on the old swings, the teacher had to sit two other kids on my left and right and I did all the work.” Read more >>

Palestinian preschooler in Al Amal Preschool, Bani Suheila, Gaza. ANERA renovated her school with new bathrooms, water fountains, a playground, paint, and this chalkboard.Director Sanaa Qdeih at Al Amal Prechool in Bani Suheila, Gaza: “We had an old green board and the chalk never moved smoothly on it. Now we have a new blackboard where the children can easily practice writing the alphabet in English and Arabic.” Read more >>