7 Ways Palestinians Are Celebrating Olive Harvest This Year

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As November begins, Palestine is in the midst of its olive harvest season, which began last month. That means that from Gaza to the West Bank, Palestinian farmers are heading to their trees to pick the ripe fruit, gather and sort it, and send it off to local presses to make staples like olive oil and handmade soap. But olives mean much more than tasty cooking and silky soaps. They are the fruit of an ancient symbol of Palestine: rooted to the land, hardy against the odds, and bearing branches of peace. Below, we look at 7 ways Palestinians are ringing in the olive harvest.

1. Taking the whole family out to the groves.

2. Basking in piles of ripe, juicy fruit.

3. Getting kids involved in the classroom.

4. Singing songs of devotion to the olive trees.

5. Bringing bushels of pickings to local presses.

6. Homemade olive oil—just add za’atar.

7. Preserving an ancient symbol of peace.



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