A Visit to Deir Al Balah, Gaza

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I just finished a visit to some of our projects in Deir Al Balah, Gaza. Anera is doing a lot there and I’d like to share here some self videos from three sites I visited.

The Mise Al Reem Preschool in Deir Al Balah

With funding from Dubai Cares, the Alumbra Innovation Fund and the Zakat Foundation of America, Anera renovated the school, provided solar power, a water purification system, and delivered healthy meals to the children there every school day.

Alaa’s Beauty Salon in Deir Al Balah

Alaa participated in Anera’s Women Can program, supported by Islamic Relief USA, for business training and equipment she needed to get her business off the ground.

Munira’s Greenhouse in Deir Al Balah

This is one of the many greenhouses Anera has built in Gaza. They are a game-changer for families, providing them with an income and food source in a place where jobs are scarce. You can see that Munira’s crops are thriving!



Anera distributes essential medications for chronic diseases to more than fifty medical centers across Lebanon as part of our CARMAH program.

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No one should be left behind when it comes to water. This year for World Water Day Anera is highlighting water preserving farming practices in Gaza.

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The vision for Women Can began in 2019 when our staff in Palestine saw a unique opportunity to support and mentor women with entrepreneurial vision. The project began in the West Bank and expanded to Gaza in its third year…

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