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A Country in Depression

Jun 25, 2021

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After 8 months away, my recent return to Lebanon brought home how desperate the situation has become In 2019, tension in Lebanon had been brewing more and more each day. Prices were soaring, so was unemployment. Shortages in electricity, fuel and water were rampant, resulting in civil unrest which included acts of self immolation, increased…

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Lebanon: A Revolution — Inside/Out

Nov 14, 2019

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Messages from Lebanon’s youth I was in Washington DC last month for Anera’s annual gala on October 11. During my visit, I also participated in a series of strategic meetings and events. I had a very fruitful week there. I met young professionals who, like me, work in the field of development. I also met young…

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Working for Humanity: My Story with Anera

Aug 19, 2019

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From freelance writer to national communication manager. I have been working directly with refugee communities, both Syrian and Palestinian, for the past eight years. I have worked with numerous humanitarian organizations, large and small, local and international, and saw many inspiring things, and many disappointing things. I saw hardworking individuals giving their best to help…

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