Creating Opportunities for Youth in Lebanon

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With support from UNICEF, Anera partners with training institutes across Lebanon to offer courses for young people to acquire the skills they need to enter the job market.

Omar is a Syrian refugee living in Lebanon with his family. He dreams of being a mechanical engineer but was forced to drop out of school to support his family. Educational courses like this one, supported by UNICEF and implemented by Anera, give youth a chance to restart their academic careers. This video covers a fall 2023 course.

Mohammad, a graduate of Anera’s vocational courses on cooking, funded by UNICEF, opened a kiosk on the beach in Saida, Lebanon.

Anera Project Officer Sarah Hasem visits two restaurants participating in our competency-based trainings for young people in Lebanon. This particular course is dedicated to hospitality and culinary skills. The program partners with employers like Em Sherif and Crepaway restaurants to provide paid, on-the-job training as a way to ensure graduates of the courses have practical skills that will make them attractive to employers. This course is conducted with support from UNICEF and implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and Anera.

There is a nursing crisis in Lebanon. The desperate economic situation has led many healthcare professionals to seek better pay abroad. Yet many young people are unable to find work and lack the skills to get hired. That’s where vocational courses can be of great service.

Youth are able to learn the skills they will need to find work and at the same time help to fill the many vacancies in healthcare roles at hospitals across the country. Our nursing vocational program provides participants with hands-on training at local hospitals that helps students establish valuable connections with potential employers and sets them up for success upon completion of the course. This ongoing project is supported by UNICEF and implemented by GIZ, Lebanon of Tomorrow and Anera. Featured guests in this video: Abir Zebiane – Lebanon of Tomorrow; Nicolas Akiki – Hospital des Soeurs du Rosaire; Fady Hachem – Sainte Therese Medical Center; and Cynthia Abi Khalil – Geitaoui Hospital.

With funding from UNICEF, Anera’s graphic design courses prepare young people like Nivine to enter the job market, and she has succeeded in doing just that!

Our recent course on agricultural techniques is allowing young farmers to improve their skills and career prospects.



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