Fostering Peace Through Sport in Lebanon

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Peace Through Sport is more than a sports project; it’s a transformative initiative launched in 2021. Focused on empowering young leaders, teaching life skills, and fostering connections, it’s about more than just competition. With teamwork, communication, and leadership training, young minds learn the art of collaboration. Since 2021, Peace Through Sport has impacted 423 young people in 8 rounds, and they’ve paid it forward, positively affecting over 5,000 lives through their initiatives.



In this log, Anera will provide updates on unfolding war in Palestine and our response. Please stay tuned here for the latest information. March 3, 2024 Six of our seven tekias (community kitchens) operated today, but we are running out…

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Delivering aid to the north of Gaza is extremely difficult, as intense security risks limit the amount of humanitarian shipments that are able to travel there. In fact, northern Gaza has been almost completely cut off from aid since the…

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The Mediterranean Nation Recorded Triple-digit Rates Again in 2023 As the world grapples with economic uncertainties, Lebanon finds itself entrenched in a dire economic situation, marked by staggering inflation rates that continue to plague its citizens. According to recent data…

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