#HerStory: Meet Dalia, An Anera PLUS Career Accelerator Graduate from Gaza

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Anera’s People Leveling Up Skills (PLUS) program is a career accelerator giving young people the technical skills they need to begin successful careers. Students go through a 20-week training in full-stack software development followed by career mentorship.

At least 75% of students are women, refugees, lower-income or come from other vulnerable populations.

The program produces professional software engineers by giving students market-ready, adaptable coding and people skills. Graduates are placed into well-paying tech industry jobs with Palestinian, Turkish, Saudi, French, Czech, UK, Canadian and U.S. companies. Currently, Anera PLUS has a 92% job placement rate within a year of graduation.



In this log, Anera will provide updates on unfolding war in Palestine and our response. Please stay tuned here for the latest information. December 7, 2023 The situation in Gaza is growing increasingly desperate with each passing hour. All societal…

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Anera is in Dubai this week to participate in COP28. The 28th United Nations Climate Change conference — known as the 2023 Conference of the Parties, or COP28 — has convened in Dubai from November 30 until December 12. Anera…

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The humanitarian situation in Gaza is catastrophic; it is amongst the worst we have witnessed and will likely only get worse as hostilities continue. The large majority of the civilian population is in desperate need of humanitarian assistance and protection….

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