New Preschool Built in Al Majd, Palestine

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Anera’s early childhood development program is leading the way in setting standards for preschool education. In the past five years, Anera has constructed 165 preschools across Palestine. The program also involves teacher training, music and arts curriculum, reading programs and book distribution, and community involvement in early education.

This brand new preschool in Al Majd, West Bank, includes colorful classrooms, safe play areas, toys and books, and much more. Prior to the construction, the class of 50 children went to school in an old, crumbling building unfit for early learners.

Watch: Time Lapse of Palestine Preschool Construction

From a leveled patch of land to a haven for Palestinian children, the transformation is astounding. This preschool project was built with funds by the Tarazi family in honor of Bahjat J. Tarazi.



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We accomplished 💪🏽 so much this year in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan thanks to supporters like you. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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