Open Healthcare Days for Displaced People in Gaza

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Gaza’s healthcare has virtually collapsed due to the relentless attacks and a lack of electricity, water and essential medical supplies. About one-third of Gaza’s hospitals and clinics have had to close their doors, and those that are still open are struggling to provide adequate care to the increasing number of casualties. The indiscriminate attacks have resulted in a surge of trauma cases, while the limited access to medical facilities compounds the crisis.

Healthcare provider at a table surrounded by packages of medicines.

Since the Gaza war began on October 7, 2023, 1.55 million people have been forced from their homes — that’s 65% of the population. The majority of those displaced are in extremely crowded shelters in the southern half of Gaza, where sanitation is poor and diseases spread quickly.

With families particularly vulnerable to health crises, Anera has begun hosting healthcare days to offer a range of free medical services, including medical examinations, dental care, dermatological care, pediatric care, general medicine, and nursing care, including wound dressings. We are also supplying patients with essential medications, free of charge.

Three healthcare providers and a patient at the open healthcare clinic.

Anera hosted the first two of our free healthcare days on November 6 and 7, one for men and one for women respectively. Approximately 1,000 displaced people came to see the doctors and other medical professionals. They also were able to receive a range of Anera-provided medicines, such as analgesics to relieve pain, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, prenatal vitamins for women, and antifungal medication. The last is especially crucial during this time as fungal infections are on the rise among the displaced, due to inadequate hygiene conditions in shelters.

Our healthcare days are held in collaboration with long-time, trusted Anera medical partners. There currently is only one operating field hospital – the Jordanian Hospital – in Gaza, and that is in Gaza City, which is now inaccessible to those in the southern half of Gaza.

Anera plans to bring in more medical aid in order to provide free daily healthcare at shelters.



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