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The Palestine Humanitarian Aid III project focuses on delivering essential healthcare services and medical supplies to the most vulnerable communities in Gaza and the West Bank, areas heavily affected by ongoing conflict and lack of resources. This project is a crucial and life-saving effort, made possible thanks to key funding and support from Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA).

The project is supporting hospitals and clinics (16 in Gaza and 13 in the West Bank) that face shortages and serve economically disadvantaged populations. The medical aid provided is essential for treating a range of health issues, from war-related injuries to chronic conditions and common illnesses.

Achievements and Impact

So far, the project has greatly improved healthcare access for 606,000 patients in Gaza and 70,000 in the West Bank, delivering a total of 5,338,219 treatments. Through initiatives like free medical days and wound management clinics, we’ve reached displaced persons, families living below the poverty line, female-headed households, and individuals with disabilities or chronic illnesses.

Our efforts have been especially critical during the ongoing war on Gaza, where 19,500 displaced people have received medical aid through our free medical days and specialized clinics. This support has been lifesaving for many, providing crucial care in challenging and dangerous conditions.

Overcoming Challenges

Providing healthcare services hasn’t been without its challenges. In Gaza, the volatile security situation has posed significant risks to our team, including displacement, airstrikes and significant resource shortages. Despite these obstacles, the Gaza team has shown remarkable resilience and adaptability. They’ve secured additional warehouses, improved logistics coordination with relevant agencies, and hired extra personnel to ensure continuous delivery of medical supplies and services.

Ahmad Najjar, Medical Donations Program Officer, works at his laptop in Anera’s distribution center in southern Gaza, using a car battery to power it. He’s checking inventory lists of medicines and medical supplies for delivery to clinics and hospitals across Gaza.

Anera’s West Bank health team faces regular hurdles in getting approvals for shipments and moving from location to location. They’ve tackled these issues by collaborating with transportation companies and streamlining approvals to speed up the movement of aid.

Islamic Relief USA’s Crucial Role

Support from Islamic Relief USA has been crucial to the success of this project, as well as many others. Their funding has enabled us to procure and distribute over $33 million worth of medicines and medical supplies, significantly exceeding initial expectations thanks to the increased volume of shipments facilitated by their partnership.

We are proud, in 2024, to mark 10 years of collaboration with IRUSA as one of their key partners in Palestine. Over the past decade, they have supported every humanitarian sector Anera covers, from agriculture and water infrastructure to emergency aid, early childhood education, support for women-owned small businesses and healthcare.

Palestine Humanitarian Aid III has improved the health of thousands and demonstrated the power of collaboration and persistence in the face of adversity. The ongoing support from IRUSA and the dedication of Anera’s staff are vital in ensuring these efforts continue to make a significant difference in the lives of those who need it most.

The views expressed herein are those of Anera and shall not, in any way whatsoever, be construed to reflect the official opinion of IRUSA, its Islamic Relief affiliates, or its donors.



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