Sustainable Energy in Palestine & Lebanon Through Solar Power

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Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza must largely rely on purchasing electricity from Israel. The power supply is unreliable, and a financial burden for families. In Gaza, hours-long blackouts are an everyday occurrence. Because the electrical supply is unpredictable, people often have to drop everything when the lights turn on to do chores and other tasks. Unreliable electricity makes it difficult to plan even the most mundane aspects of daily life. In Lebanon, mismanagement has left the national electrical grid unable to supply reliable power, making families dependent on generators that require expensive and scarce fuel.

In both Palestine and Lebanon, solar energy provides a sustainable, renewable and environmentally safe way to meet energy needs. The region’s sunny climate makes solar energy a great source of electricity for schools, hospitals and waste sorting facilities. That is why, WITH YOUR SUPPORT, Anera makes it a priority to include solar in our projects.



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