Thank you for serving hope this Ramadan!

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Thank you to everyone who gave generously. Here’s a quick look at the impact of your contributions this Ramadan.

I am beyond grateful for you and the Anera community. This year, our Ramadan food assistance program provided hot meals, food vouchers and food parcels to over 10,000 families across Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan. And for the first time ever, we also supported vulnerable families in East Jerusalem. Over 400 people joined our campaign to make a contribution. Together, our supporters raised over $175,000 for families facing food insecurity.

While tensions rose again this year, we are all relieved that Eid is once again a joyous time in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan. Your support brought more than hope this Ramadan; it brought smiles to children’s faces, peace of mind to worried parents, and healthy, nutritious meals to dinner tables across the Middle East.

You made this possible, and we are forever grateful. On behalf of all of those whose lives you are touching and all of the Anera community, thank you.



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