Timeline of Anera’s Response to Crises

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During Anera’s 56 years of existence, the countries we serve have suffered many crises and upheavals. The Anera community has been there through it all, consistently stepping in to alleviate suffering. Our dedicated staff acts fast to provide essential items like medicines, food, clothes, blankets, tents, and hygiene supplies to those in need. When infrastructure is damaged, Anera rebuilds and restores schools, hospitals, and farms. We also bolster local livelihoods by supporting small businesses, offering vocational education, and creating cash-for-work opportunities.

This timeline gives some examples of ways that Anera has responded to humanitarian crises in the Middle East.


Arab-Israeli War
The war left thousands of Palestinians homeless and impoverished, prompting a group of Americans to provide immediate assistance. This effort led to the creation of Anera.

Deir Al Balah Camp in Gaza, late 1960s. © UNRWA


Middle East War
Anera allocated over $2.2 million for reconstruction and relief efforts in Syria, Egypt, and Palestine.

President John Richardson visited post-war, highlighting potential relief costs surpassing $100 million and urgent needs in these regions. His return to the US revealed a troubling lack of awareness among the American public about the war’s devastating impact.


Israel’s invasion of southern Lebanon
In response to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in June 1982, Anera raised $300,000 in in-kind healthcare supplies for the Palestine Red Crescent, AUB Hospital, and the Middle East Council of Churches. Anera also raised $100,000 in cash, including $25,000 for generators to run emergency clinics in the south.

An elderly Palestine refugee looks at the destroyed homes in Burj El-Shamali camp in Lebanon. © 1982 UNRWA

1987 – 1991

First Intifada in Palestine
When the first intifada erupted in 1987, Anera began immediately providing humanitarian aid of all kinds. One special initiative was in response to the boycott of imports, which left a huge shortage of dairy products in the West Bank. Anera donors helped five cooperatives establish dairies to encourage farmers to become producers and promote best practices in dealing with milk-based products.

The truck says: Al Nasseriah Cooperative Association for Animal Wealth: yogurt, lebneh, cheese


Second Intifada in Palestine
Anera donors ramped up their support to purchase and distribute food and to provide $3.5 million in donated medical aid across the West Bank and Gaza. During the intifada, Jericho, one of the most arid places in the region, suffered from drought and a lack of control over its water supplies. With funding from the UN and Jericho’s government, Anera installed an irrigation system connected to 900 Jericho farms.

A Jericho farmer whose crops improved with the new irrigation system Anera installed.


War with Israel in South Lebanon
Just after Anera’s first office opened in Lebanon, we responded with immediate and major mobilizations of food aid and then shifted to focus on rebuilding the economic livelihoods of families and communities affected by the crisis.

Preparing hot meals for distribution, 2006.


Beirut Port explosion
Anera focused on shelter, food, and health in response to the explosion. Volunteers organized clean-ups and distributed water and food. Anera provided $662,000 in grants to several hospitals and distributed medical supplies to 48 healthcare organizations. To address rehabilitation needs, Anera repaired 1,198 homes and small businesses.

Two weeks after the explosion. Anera brings in 227 pallets of meds.

2008 – 2024

Bombardments of Gaza
Gaza has suffered six periods of Israeli bombardments and, in some cases, military incursions since 2008. From the first in 2008-2009 to the current war on Gaza, Anera has been there delivering substantial aid in the form of food and non-food items and infrastructure reconstruction, from water and sanitation networks to schools. In each case, Anera’s community of supporters has come out in ever greater numbers to show their solidarity with the people of Gaza, who have endured and are still enduring unimaginable suffering.

Please visit anera.org/response-log to learn more about Anera’s response to the current situation.




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