University Student from Lebanon is Determined to Support Her Country

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Meet Nazha, known as Nana, she’s an 18-year-old undergraduate student at the University of Balamand in Al Koura from the north of Lebanon. As a Medical Laboratory Sciences major and the vice president of her school’s Medical Laboratory Community, her plate is full, but that doesn’t stop her from supporting her community. 

Nana has a fire inside to help those in her country. Her home of Lebanon is currently experiencing one of the worst economic crises in world history. The crisis fuels job insecurity and hunger, inhibits healthcare access and treatment and has left many to take desperate measures for survival. 

“Lebanon is in a dire need of help now, and we need every ounce of support that we can get.”

That’s what brought Nana to Anera – a community and organization with a myriad of humanitarian aid services and development programs throughout Lebanon. 

With prior experience helping local NGOs and a determination to support her country, Nana applied for Anera’s social ambassador program. The volunteer program invites humanitarians near and far to raise awareness about the issues within the communities we serve, such as Lebanon

With the numerous humanitarian crises the world faces, some may argue that the situation in Lebanon does not get the attention it deserves. As a social ambassador for Anera, Nana is determined to raise awareness about the challenges in her country, the resilient community, and the importance of helping others.

“I believe this is an amazing initiative because helping others is the most humane thing to do,” she says, “ Anera not only helps Lebanon, but also Palestine and Jordan. If you have the opportunity to help, why not do it?”

With Anera’s ambassador program, we hope to uplift young people and their dreams, be their support system, and, together, provide hope for communities in need. 



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