Update from Gaza

Conflict between Gaza and Israel is once again escalating this week. The following account of the current situation for civilians in Gaza comes from a call with an Anera Gaza staff member.

“It was quiet for about 6 hours overnight but the bombing started again at around dawn.

“We’re all so tired of this in Gaza. It happens again and again and nothing ever changes. So far the bombings are not as intense as in the past, like 2014. We have gone through tougher situations, but we fear this will get worse.

“We in Gaza feel like a goat with a rope put around its neck being led around, maybe to slaughter.

“The streets are busy. Shops are open and a water truck is going by making deliveries. A small van is unloading items at a store. Bombs have fallen so many times in Gaza that people are just going about their business as usual.

“But people seem to be stocking up. Yesterday a fruit van came by and a group of women crowded around it to buy up all the produce. This is definitely an unusual phenomenon. Also, bakeries are selling a lot of bread and we’re seeing more water trucks.

“Schools are off and kids are home. All of our staff are working from home today.

“We hope it does not escalate. If it does, we will be there, not only to help the main hospitals and blood bank stock up with vital supplies, but to serve chronically vulnerable communities as we always do.”



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