Building Healthy Communities

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Anera is dedicated to building healthy communities in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan. Thanks to worldwide donations and supporters, we can rebuild and improve conditions in healthcare facilities that need assistance. From delivering necessary supplies to training professionals, Anera helps communities develop better healthcare.

Learn more about our projects in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan.

Increasing Equipment and Medicine Availability

Anera increases accessibility to healthcare equipment and medicine with our delivery efforts. We distribute healthcare materials to hospitals, schools, clinics, community centers and other facilities in need. Since 1968, we’ve delivered over $7600 million worth of supplies across Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan. Distributed items include:

  • Medication for chronic conditions
  • Emergency and life-saving materials
  • Over-the-counter drugs
  • Mental health medications
  • School kits
  • Hygiene kits
  • Wheelchairs
  • Dialysis machines

After determining a location’s supply needs, we send donations by sea or air. Anera continuously communicates with facilities to ensure quality control and identify new concerns.

The relief donations help vulnerable families and others in need access quality medical care. Increased availability lets people live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Hospital and Clinic Upgrades in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan

Anera builds and improves healthcare clinics and hospitals to address pressing infrastructure problems. Many facilities are in disrepair from water damage, deteriorating paint, outdated equipment and other issues. Limited locations cause overcrowding or a complete lack of access for patients.

Hospital and Clinic Upgrades in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan

Thanks to generous donations, Anera upgrades existing facilities and builds new locations. Our efforts improve healthcare services for community members and others in need. Anera improvement projects include:

  • Adding elevators
  • Installing solar panels
  • Distributing medical supplies
  • Upgrading emergency rooms
  • Providing water filtration systems

Money health administrators don’t need to spend on medicines, supplies or electricity and water bills can be directed to providing the best quality care for their patients.

Psychosocial Support for Those Suffering in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan

Our psychosocial services help children and adults in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan. Experiences with poverty and violence have severe impacts on mental health. Children who have lived through instability and personal crises have an increased risk of psychological trauma, which shapes their development into adulthood.

Anera provides mental health services and resources for refugees and other vulnerable populations. We offer sports programs and facilities to let children express themselves and process emotions. We also develop arts, music and other activities to help kids creatively release feelings.

In addition, we deliver mental health medication to those in need. Medication can significantly assist with anxiety, depression and other conditions. Our donations allow us to ship medicine to Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan and improve people’s mental health.

Health Education 

Anera trains healthcare professionals and community members to build healthy lifestyle habits. Our health education materials help people identify disease symptoms, explain the importance of vaccinations, describe when and how to use medications, and provide other essential tips. Training materials also explain good hygiene and healthy eating behaviors. These programs assist community members of all ages, from small children to adults.

Make a Difference With Anera Today

Health is the foundation of a good life and successful communities. Since 1968, Anera has supported vulnerable communities in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan. Donors from all over the world provide communities with the ability to lead healthier lives. .

You can help make a difference in the lives of refugees and vulnerable communities by making donation or learning more about our programs today.

Make a Difference With Anera Today



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