World Teachers Day

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Today, October 5, is World Teachers Day, an annual UNESCO thematic day to recognize the essential role that teachers worldwide play in creating opportunities and hopeful futures for the next generation.

Providing teachers with the skills, recognition and tools that they need to excel is vital to achieving the fourth UN Sustainable Development Goal on quality education for all. So we at Anera are taking a moment today to salute some of the teachers we’ve met over the years…

1. Doaa Ghazal, a 24-year-old teacher, Gaza

“I want to share my message to the world that education gives you the ultimate power to be heard. I have a great passion for teaching and for learning. I am building my experience every day. Sometimes I assist my colleagues in teaching English and math as well my course in social science.”

After attending Atfaluna herself, Doaa found her passion in teaching other young deaf students.
After attending Atfaluna herself, Doaa found her passion in teaching other young deaf students.

Doaa says one of her daily challenges is to stimulate and inspire students in her classroom, where the skill levels differ.

“I try to make sure the children leave class satisfied with what they’ve learned. And, when I have doubts, I discuss it all with my father, someone I trust deeply, before I go to bed.”

Like her father, she was born deaf. Doaa’s education was fully financed at the Atfaluna Society for the Deaf in Gaza, which Anera has supported for decades.

“Without the education I received at Atfaluna, I wouldn’t be able to even step out of my home. I would have feared everything because I cannot hear what’s around me. But education helped me confront the challenges and gave me courage to adjust my abilities into something valuable.”

2. Inshirah, a teacher helping children deal with the traumas of war, Gaza

“Children are the beauty and blessing of life. With them I feel happiness and excitement. They inspire me every day.”

Inshirah has dreamed of being a teacher since childhood. She also loves art and has found a way to combine both passions by applying her creative talent to designing games and art projects for her young students.

In her Gaza preschool classroom, Inshirah is very attentive to her children, like Aisha who is studying English.
In her Gaza preschool classroom, Inshirah is very attentive to her children, like Aisha who is studying English.

The first week of preschool is always the hardest.

“The kids cry and don’t want to leave their mothers. But in a few weeks, the same kids don’t want to leave school, even during vacations…I prefer to see challenges as life adventures. Working with children, entering their world of curiosity and simple pleasures, gives me the strength to face any challenge.”

3. Mayse Abd El Haq, a music-trained teacher, West Bank

“I am convinced that drama is indispensable for children because, through drama, the children cultivate their imagination and discover their talents. Drama helps them release from the cocoon of shyness and self-consciousness and provides them with the means for self-expression…

…Teachers need to act naturally and never in a condescending or patronizing manner. They must come down to the eye level of the children. When addressing them and when the children are sitting on the floor, the teachers must do the same, so that the children will develop a sense of closeness to them.”

Mayse participated in an Anera training session for preschool teachers and administrators on new and effective techniques for early childhood care and education.

Four schools, two in Nablus and two in Bethlehem, were selected as part of Anera’s project as model learning environments.

4. Haja Fatima, a first-grade teacher at a center for people with disabilities, Gaza

“We all need to believe in our abilities. I tell my students to fear nothing in this world, and that everyone has the potential to become the person he or she wants and dreams to be.”

Fatima has lived with polio for most of her life but has never let it hold her back. She has dedicated her life to serving her family and other children with disabilities. “I became a teacher at a center for people with disabilities where I have also received treatment and services for myself,” she said.

Helping people with disabilities in Gaza through medical aid.

5. Salam Al Samra, an Arabic and life skills teacher at Hosh Hareem Camp, Lebanon

“I was a teacher back in Syria. When I came to Lebanon during the war [in Syria] I had only one goal in my mind — and that was to help Syrian kids who had to leave school and have had no chance to continue their education here. I believe that as a teacher, my duty is to help to raise a better generation. The most important thing now, for me, is that these kids at Hosh Hareem camp get the best of me, and that they learn skills here now that they can use in the near future.”

Salam Al Samra, teacher
Salam Al Samra, teacher


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