Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Giving

Create a tax-free gift from your retirement assets through Qualified Charitable Distributions

Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs), also known as IRA Charitable Rollovers, are the savviest way for individuals age 70½ or older to use their IRAs to maximize their charitable impact.

Whether you want to make a QCD gift to Anera today, request a tax acknowledgment letter for a gift already made, or just learn more about QCDs, you can find resources for each below.

Make a QCD Contribution Today!

Contact Jainelle Blenhyne-Gaillard at [email protected] or 202-266-9721 for questions about IRA Giving.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can we help you with?

Unrestricted funds provide us with the flexibility to respond quickly during times of emergency or pivot existing programs to address urgent needs. If there's a core program that you are passionate about, we are happy to designate your donation to a specific area. Please make sure you specify the designation, or program, in your donation. 

Contact your IRA administrator to request a Qualified Charitable Distribution. If you are able to write checks directly from your IRA account, please make it out to “Anera” and send it to:

1111 14th Street NW #400
Washington, DC  20005

Note: For tax purposes, the date of the gift is the date the funds leave your IRA account (not the postmark on the envelope). It is important to allow sufficient time for the rollover check to clear to ensure that the funds are withdrawn during your preferred tax year.

You can notify us of your incoming gift by contacting Jainelle Blenhyne-Gaillard at [email protected].

There are many benefits to QCds, such as:

  • Reducing your adjusted gross income and lowering your tax bracket, which will influence how much you pay in taxes.
  • Avoiding the 25% penalty that is imposed if you don’t take your required minimum distribution (RMD).
  • Not having to itemize deductions on your tax return to deduct a QCD from your taxable income.

Legal Information

Legal Name: American Near East Refugee Aid

Address: 1111 14th St. NW Suite 400, Washington, DC 20005

Federal Tax ID Number: 52-0882226

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You can provide aid to vulnerable communities in the Middle East— while saving on taxes!

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The Leadership Circle celebrates Anera's most loyal donors with a variety of special privileges.

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Joining the Legacy Society ensures hope will find a way today and tomorrow.

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Jainelle Blenhyne-Gaillard
Annual Giving Manager
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