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Winter 2024

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Gaza’s Stark Reality

by Sean Carroll

Anera President & CEO Sean Carroll was recently in Gaza from December 19-21, bearing witness to the horrors Palestinians are facing daily.

Voices from Gaza: Sandra Rasheed Reflects on Some of her Colleagues in Gaza

by Sandra Rasheed

Anera's Palestine Country Director Sandra Rasheed dedicated the past month to reflecting on some of her colleagues in Gaza and offering insights into their stories. Through posts on Sandra’s LinkedIn profile spread over the month, she shared the experiences of individuals who tirelessly serve their communities amidst the daily horrors of life in Gaza.

Winter Resilience: Navigating Challenges in Lebanon

by Samar El-Yassir

Samar El-Yassir, Lebanon Country Director, details our winterization initiatives, supported by donations, which empower youth with crucial skills. These efforts provide warm clothing, bedding, and nourishing meals to individuals facing displacement amid the challenges of economic collapse, rising violence, and unprecedented adversities.

By The Numbers:

Anera's Deliveries in Gaza Since the War's Start

(as of January 5, 2023)

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During moments of crisis, the true measure of humanity is often revealed by the actions of those who choose to help.

So many of you created birthday fundraisers, hosted bake sales, ran marathons, donated proceeds from your small businesses, hosted and created fundraising events, asked for donations in lieu of wedding gifts, created raffles, and so, so much more.

Your support did not just deliver items and meals, it provided brief moments of relief to those who fear they’ve been forgotten. Thank you for being a source of light amid the darkness and for giving your time, talent, and treasure to help Palestinians in need.


Muhammad Atieh and Hadeel Abu Obaid, members of Anera's medical donations team, stand in front of a cargo plane filled with 100 pallets of donated medical aid. This vital assistance, organized by Anera, is poised for departure from the Jordan Military Airport in Marka, destined for Gaza.

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