Our Commitment to the Communities We Serve

Anera is committed to providing impactful, sustainable programs that help communities across Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan. We work with populations of all ages living in vulnerable situations, often without recourse to legal protections and safety nets available in other countries.

We have an obligation to do no harm and to honorably serve the communities where we are delivering aid and development programs. Our staff, partners, affiliates and other representatives will always work to act in the best interests of the people we have pledged to serve.

We share these policies in full transparency to our beneficiaries. If you become aware of a transgression against any of below policies, please report the transgression to Anera, so we can investigate and correct the problem.

Thank you.


Anera Non-staff Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is to guide individuals and companies and/or individuals on key issues that they are required to be aware of, and the standards that they are expected to adhere to while working for, or are in association with Anera. This Code applies to everyone associated with Anera who is not a staff member; this includes volunteers, interns, consultants, vendors, contractors and their associates, where applicable.


Anera Child Protection Policy

Anera believes that a child or young person should never experience abuse of any kind. We have a responsibility to promote the welfare of all children and young people and to keep them safe. This policy applies to all Anera personnel including all staff, managers, consultants, the board of directors, interns, volunteers or anyone working on behalf of Anera and under its guidance.


Protection Against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

The purpose of the Anera PSEA Policy is to remind all Anera employees and related personnel to make ethical decisions in their professional and personal lives to ensure the protection of all against sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) by Anera staff and related personnel. Women, girls, boys, and men with whom Anera interacts are protected from SEA.

Whistleblower Policy

Anera is committed to integrity and ethical behavior in all its activities and fosters an environment where employees can raise issues relating to potential waste, fraud and abuse without fear of retaliation.

Anera encourages all employees and other interested persons to report waste, fraud and abuse, as well as other wrongdoing that may adversely impact Anera, its employees, those Anera seeks to assist, or the general public. If concerned about reporting to your supervisor, complaints can be made anonymously, and the confidentiality of any whistleblower will be maintained insofar as possible while Anera investigates any such complaint. (The source of a complaint will be disclosed only as necessary to conduct a thorough investigation.) All reports of suspected waste, fraud and abuse will be forwarded to the chair of the audit committee, which is responsible for investigating any complaints.

If unsure who to contact, you may report a complaint to Anera’s outside counsel:

George Doumar of Doumar Martin, PLLC

[email protected]