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Nina Aldib Headshot
Social Ambassador

Nina Aldib

Nina Aldib describes herself as, "a human who is trying to leave a positive impact on other humans, communities and the larger world." She has a master's degree in business administration and a bachelor of science in marketing from the Lebanese American University. Currently, Nina is a scholarship program coordinator at Unite Lebanon Youth Project and a mentor at Jusoor, a local NGO. Her work interests are focused on education, refugees and youth and she brings previous work experience from the United World Colleges, the American University of Beirut, the Kayani Project and the AVSI Foundation. Nina's passion for holistic youth development pushes her to search for working environments that reflect this objective in their vision.

Instagram - @ninaa.aldib

Social Ambassador

Reema Azar

Reema Azar was born in Virginia to an American mother and a Lebanese father. She currently lives with her partner and their cat in Ecuador where she teaches English as a second language. She finds joy in many things, including airport arrivals terminals, Arabic folk dance (dabke), and Christmas lights.

Instagram - @thereemahazar

Joseph El Bachour Headshot
Social Ambassador

Joseph El Bachour

Joseph El Bachour gained his B.S. from the American University of Beirut, with a background in biology, biomedical engineering design and philosophy. He is currently a second-year medical student at the American University of Beirut's Faculty of Medicine. His interests in mental health advocacy, clinical and biomedical ethics, humanistic medicine, and peacebuilding have driven him to serve as the current president of Khelkhal, an initiative centered around bioethics education, humanism endorsement, and community engagement at the Salim El Hoss Bioethics and Professionalism Program. He has now joined Anera as a social ambassador to further expand his network and scope of impact in contributing to humanism and equity for refugees in his capacity as Khelkhal president.

Instagram -  @josephelbachour

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Social Ambassador

Reem Daher

Reem Daher is a social entrepreneur with a proven track record of achievements through myriad volunteering and extracurricular positions with local and international NGOs. She is the founder of the Khutwa the global winning project in the youth global challenge which is an initiative to educate young people about sexual harassment issues in Lebanon and the world.

Instagram -  @reemees_developing

Social Ambassador

Nana (Nazha) Ghaleb

Nana Ghaleb is an undergraduate student at the University of Balamand in Al Koura from the north of Lebanon. As a medical laboratory sciences major and the vice president of her school’s medical laboratory community, her plate is full, but that doesn’t stop her from supporting her community. Nana has a fire inside to help those in her country. That’s what brought Nana to Anera. With prior experience helping local NGOs and a determination to support her country, Nana is now one of Anera’s social ambassadors.

Instagram - @nanaaghaleb

Jessica Jernigan Headshot
Social Ambassador

Jessica Gore-Pike

Jessica Gore-Pike is from North Carolina, U.S. and has a bachelor of arts in music and a master of science in healthcare administration. She is currently in the process of transitioning out of the U.S. Army, which will allow her to focus on her passion of advocating for human rights and for her and her family to be in their forever home.

Social Ambassador

Jana Rashed

Jana is a Palestinian artist, designer, educator and environmental activist. Through design, she educates others about environmental issues through her page Learn Sustain. Additionally, she is passionate about education and seeks to empower youth through her work and encourages them to think beyond their comfort zones.

Instagram - @janarashed__

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Social Ambassador

Ángela Rodríguez

Ángela Rodríguez is a Spanish visuals journalist and communications specialist with ten years of experience in media, non-profit journalism and humanitarian organizations. She has toured Europe for the past decade working for EFE, Reuters, the European Commission or the European Journalism Centre, where she worked from 2020 to 2022 as the project manager of The News Impact Summits. Ángela is also the producer and co-host of the Spanish podcast #UnPódcastDeCaca with journalist and communications expert José Baig.

Instagram - @lovinfopict

Social Ambassador

Niveen Younis

Niveen Younis is a motivated and dedicated person with a big passion for making a positive contribution in the growth and development of the society by working for a better tomorrow. She holds a university degree in Financial engineering and is an independent e-commerce marketer. During graduation, she was able to earn several important certificates, including the HarvardX program which upgraded her skills to the optimum level by participating internationally.

Instagram - @niveenyounis


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