Education has the power to transform lives, building the foundation for a brighter future. But poverty and conflict can make it difficult to access quality education in Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon. With your help, ANERA is giving people in the Middle East access to learning opportunities from preschool through college.

Education in Palestine, Inside and Outside the Classroom

In Gaza and the West Bank, early childhood development (ECD) is a staple of ANERA’s work. The vast majority of preschools in Palestine are run privately on shoestring budgets. Your donations help ANERA to build and renovate preschools, train teachers in interactive learning techniques, provide books and educational materials for children, and integrate health, nutrition and the arts into the curriculum.

In the classroom and beyond, Palestinians need access to learning opportunities that give them the skills they need to get jobs and be part of the global community. ANERA’s education work in Palestine opens doors by:

Innovative Approach to Education in Lebanon

The Lebanese school system is overwhelmed by a huge influx of refugee children from Syria. As a result, a large majority of older children are out of school and are unlikely to re-enter the formal education system. ANERA’s programs in Lebanon provide opportunities for youths and young adults to obtain non-formal education. We offer job skills classes across Lebanon and provide scholarships for refugees to continue their education through further vocational training.

ANERA also supports education in Lebanon through early childhood development. We’ve stepped in to renovate preschools in urgent need and to provide Lebanon’s youngest and most vulnerable population with learning materials and lessons in basic health and nutrition.

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